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             The article about the Maasai demonstrates "Cognitive Culture" in several aspects. First of all is their identity as "true Africans" that springs from the belief of their "purity", unlike other cultures places in Africa like Kenya or Tanzania that experience an immense influence from Western culture, the Maasai are proud of their ability to maintain their purity, by sticking to their traditions. .
             Second, and also very important factor of Cognitive Culture that is expressed in the article of the Maasai is their history, which shade light over their perception of identity among themselves and in compare to other cultures. The heroic story of their origin tells how they were the only ones among the larger group of immigration to the south that were able to pass the bridge that took them out from the deep valley, and also that the bridge collapse once they passed it, before all other people could escape. This story builds the strong foundation and understanding of the way the Maasai see themselves, conquerors, wise, and also chosen. Another important aspect is the form by which information (for instance the story of their origins, myths, etc.) is transported, that is oral history. It is a very dominant part of their cognitive culture; all those stories pass from one generation to another through stories told by the old members of the Maasai. Also important to note, that the language of the Maasai is loaded with rich metaphors and descriptive words. .
             The Maasai gives great value to children; an example for that is that a man who is very poor but has many children is considered to be a very rich man to the Maasai. Another great value, which the Maasai hold dear, is their respect for nature. Nature for the Maasai is held in the highest regard, their god "Engai" represents everything friendly or destructive in nature, in fact the "Engai" is nature itself. "God is nature and can never be symbolized in a cross or a building".

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