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Sex Education

            Should sex education be taught in schools to help prevent STDs & unintended pregnancies? Statistics show that the worldwide IV infection rate is 1 our of every 99 people between the age of 15 and 59 is now infected with HIV. (Dan Carrel HIV information October 2000 ).
             Many of these people are teenagers. Teenagers who haven't turned 16 years old yet. I believe that sex ed had failed today's youth. Sex education has failed today's youth resulting in sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies. In order for sex ed to take effect it needs to be taught with more affect.
             Why has sex education failed to help our children? Many reasons fall into place when asking this question. Many teens don't take sex and their health seriously. But, something teens fail to realize is that once you become sexually active you can never take it back. If that very first time you become pregnant or receive a STD, you can't go back and redo your mistake. But as a rebuttal many teens would make the excuse of " knowing their partner well", but there is still more to it than knowing your partner. There is more that just goes into knowing your partner. You must have yourself and your partner tested for any diseases, and the most important, use protection, birth control, and condoms. There is a massive quantity of protection out there to use, and pregnancy and STD rates will drop tremendously. Also many teens don't want to listen to what adults, motivational speakers, and other resources have to say. This is also a result of why sex education has failed teens. Because they don't make them listen. Schools need to make sex ed more interesting because teens won't want to listen to someone talking all the time. But sometimes programs are too late; most teens have already started to become sexually active before sex education. Also statistics show that if teens join programs to drop the rates of pregnancy many teens will live happy lives.

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