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"Goldfinger" and "Tomorrow Never Dies

             For this essay I have seen both the starting of films "Goldfinger" and "Tomorrow Never Dies". I will see how "Goldfinger" (which was made in 1964) has changed compared to "Tomorrow Never Dies" (made in 1997). I will see how both Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan portray their character as "James Bond" in the films. I will mention how women and ethnic minorities are shown in each film and how the camera work and special effects are used.
             Both the sequences start with James Bond killing a gunman. He steps into view confidentially. There are many Close-Ups at the start of this film. In "Goldfinger", James Bond also known as Sean Connery sets up a bomb in a factory at Spain. He goes to a bar and lights up a cigarette just as the bomb blows up. If anyone was suspicious of something going on they may find out by the reaction on Bonds face and the way that he kept looking at his watch.
             At the bar there is a belly-dancer. James sees the belly-dancer go into the room. He follows her to where she is taking a bath. He cuddles and kisses her and then notices an assassin in her eye. He kills the assassin by throwing him into a bath with an electrical fan. He then walks out the room saying "Shocking". .
             Basically I find all of James Bond films quite humorous because they all have that kind of storyline that makes you understand what is happening right at the start of the film. All his films have the same conventions. With the bond girls, fast cars, gadgets, weapons, chases, deaths and the rest. Like in "Goldfinger" there are atleast 4 bond girls that he has flirted with. The BELLY DANCER whom he flirts with and then notices the assassin. DINK the lady at the beach whom he gets his back massaged by and then he slaps her across the bum, when he talks to the other man saying to her that it is "Man's Business". The MAID whom he gets the keys off. Although she encourages him that she can't let him in.

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