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Over Population

             In 1798 Thomas Malthus said, " Growing population will always out stripe food supplies and this will cause poverty and misery". In the year 1800 there were one billion people in the world and according to research don by MSNBC on October 12, 1999 with the birth of a baby in Sarajevo the population became 6 billion people. I feel that if we do not address this problem today maybe in 10 even 20 years there will be a greater problem.
             China is the most populated country in the world with an approximate population of 1,273,111,290. If this population begins to increase more than it is increasing now then there will be more problems than that of the ones that exist now. China's population has affected it in many ways. For example china's population has effected china by controlling the amount of jobs and resources available to the people.
             China has attempted in many ways to control its population by trying to impose laws on the people permitting them to have only one child. This is an unsuccessful attempt because the farmers who need their children to help them farm are now being forced to hire people when the cities workers have children that could do better use to a farmer.
             Today I propose to u a plan that in the coarse of ten years will be able to normalize the population .I feel that china should allow families to have children according to the need they have for them. A farmer may have more children than cities worker or vice versa if needed this way the population does not increase it stays the same.
             In conclusion population has affected countries in many ways and hopefully with this new plan proposed overpopulation will no longer be a problem. This new plan will increase the resources per person and increase the status of a person because now this person will be able to get a job easier. .
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