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One Flew Over the Cookoo

            The novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest was written by Ken Kesey. The novel takes place in a mental institute. McMurphy is a man who tries to escape a work farm by saying he is not sane. McMurphy is sent to this mental institute to be examined. Here McMurphy is the hero who sacrifice himself in order to teach the other patients to take control of there own lives. McMurphy is the good guy and Miss Ratched is the bad guy. McMurphy influences the people of the ward to stick up for themselves. He does this by bringing women into their lives and showing them how to be men and to act with confidence by sticking up for themselves. .
             The book is told through a man named Chief Bromden who is also in this mental institute. He relays a story about life in a mental institute. Chief explains the severity and grouping of the different types of crazy people as well as who and how the institute is run. Mainly the story is about a new arrival to the institution named McMurphy.
             In the beginning Chief Bromden talks about acutes and chronics. Acutes and chronics are types of mental illness. Acutes are people that have minor problems. They are basically normal people with a few screws loose. Chronics are extremely messed up. Half of the chronics can't walk, eat, bath, think, or go to the bathroom by themselves. The other half are in their own world talking and seeing things that aren't there. .
             McMurphy comes to the institute and is questioned why he belongs there. He knows he doesn't belong, but he insists that he does. In the first few days that McMurphy is in the institute. He realizes that the Big Nurse runs everything. He also understands that everyone is scared of the Big Nurse. After he finds out the Big Nurse is in charge he makes a bet for money with the other patients that he can make her mad. .
             The very next morning McMurphy wakes up before everyone else and takes a shower when hes not supposed to. Hes wearing black boxer shorts with white whales.

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