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The History of the Democratic Party in America

            It was over two hundred years ago that the Democratic Party's founding fathers decided that a stable government must be built. In 1792 Thomas Jefferson founded the Democratic Party, and he was the first democratic president of the United States in 1800. Jefferson served two terms, and James Madison was right behind him in 1808. Madison helped strengthen the armed forces, and defeated the British in the War of 1812 for the reaffirming of independence in America. In 1816 James Monroe was elected President and led the U.S. through "The Era of Good Feeling" which Democrats served with little opposition. What is now the world's largest nationally Democratic political party was established in 1848 by the National Convention. This committee was charged with the responsibility of promoting the democratic cause between conventions, and preparing for the next one.
             As the 19th century came to an end, the electorate changed more and more quickly. The Democratic Party helped build the most powerful economic engine in history by embracing immigrants and bringing them into the American mainstream. William Jennings Bryan (Democratic leader) led movements and supported the right of women's suffrage. The Democratic Party became dominant in local urban politics as America came into the 20th century. Woodrow Wilson became the first Democratic president of the 20th century in 1912. He led the country through World War 1, fought for the League of Nations, established the Federal Reserve Board, and passed the first child and labor welfare laws. The generation after that, Roosevelt was elected president. He pulled America out of depression, making citizens believe their government could help them in times of need. Franklin's New Deal brought water to California's Central Valley, gave Appalachia electricity and saved farms all over the Midwest.
             Democrats started the fight to lower the final barriers of race and gender when Harry Truman was elected.

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