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Hybrid vs Gasoline

            Hybrid cars are much more efficient in terms of miles per gallon due to their use of batteries. This new concept is starting to become main stream in hybrid cars and the automotive world in which the hybrid cars can gain power and recharge the batteries while the car is using gasoline. If a person stops at some traffic lights, the car turns off the engine and runs off the battery that is in the car and once the car reaches 20 mph it turns the gasoline engine part of the car back on. This not saves in the amount of energy being used by the car but it also increases the miles per gallon that the car can acquire by saving gas. In addition by using the batteries to accelerate the car after stopping, the car is able to gain even better acceleration than using gasoline. The use of a smaller engine by hybrid cars saves space and significantly reduces the weight of the car allowing for better mileage while driving. While gasoline powered cars use twice the power and have twice the engine size of hybrid cars. People who drive gasoline powered cars can only gain good mileage from there cars by the manner which they drive their car. This is due to air drag and other technical issues that deal with cars but the thing is that hybrid cars already have this advantage due to the use of both batteries and gasoline in the car. Since hybrid cars are able to use batteries at the most critical times of driving a car, this brings about very low emissions in which helps our environment, something that is lacking from most gasoline.
             A well designed hybrid can reduce smog pollution by 90% or more compared with the cleanest conventional vehicles on the road today. Hybrid cars burn less gasoline per mile, so they release much less pollution and fewer greenhouse gases unlike gasoline powered trucks and cars being in America. A typical hybrid might travel 50-60 miles per gallon of gasoline in the city, while a typical SUV might travel 15-20 miles per gallon, or use three times as much gas for the same distance of travel.

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