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Winslow Homer and His Work For The Civil War

            Homer Winslow, a painter who was never proper taught to be one, learned his way to success as one of America's greatest painter in the nineteenth century. His works include many subjects - the civil war soldiers, landscapes, slavery, hunting and American women. Some of his works linked with significant national events such as the civil war.
             In 1859, after more than twenty years living in Boston, Massachusetts, he decided to go to New York and work as an illustrator for Harper's Weekly magazine. New york in the late nineteenth century was america's best artistic center with tons of art, artists, artistic schools , living in that enviroment, an artistic life, homer began to produce many great arts. In 1862, homer went to the front as a reporter for the magazine he was working for, during the time there, he painted a lot of famous Civil war Painintgs and one of them is Home, Sweet Home.
             Home, Sweet Home and The Last Goose at Yorktown were the two works about civl War that he presented at the 1863 Annual Exhibition of the National academy of design which marked his first apperance as a painter.Unexpectedly, both paintings became an amazing success for him, and the painting that received the most praises was Home, Sweet Home. With this success, homer received many critical attentions, one critic wrote: " He at this moment weilds a better pencil, model better, color better, than many whom, were it not improper, we could mention as regular contributors to the Academy".(Cikovsky, Winslow Homer, 16).

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