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Superstore and Retailers

             Unlike in the past, almost anyone can start a business in the modern world due to the improvement of technology and opportunities that have opened up. Comparing the economic scene 50 years ago and now, there were no hypermarkets or superstores with branches or chains all over Thailand like Tesco Lotus, Carrefour, Makro and Big C which had provided almost everything from pens, erasers to clothing to expensive electronic equipments. Recently, not only in Thailand but all over the world, these superstores, also called mass merchandisers have been growing and expanding their franchises, threatening the life of small retailers by perception to off lower prices, widest variety of goods, both fresh and packaged, and convenience, such as better locations and all-day air conditioning, making them gain huge profits, bigger market share and frequent consumer visits. Small retailers are being forced out of business, as they are not able to compete in ways of prices and quantities. Small local moms and pops stores and medium sized supermarkets with strong ties to the community, with long history associating with the area; those stores familiar to generations of customers are forced to close their doors after decades of service. Benefits from the convenience and the reduced costs of daily necessities have clearly induced consumers to visit the Big 4 more often. Better and frequent advertising have enhanced the superstores image- thus brightening the consumer perception. Due to the two above reasons, wholesalers or giant discount chain stores in Thailand justify their continuous development. The perceptions vary; however, as to whether this continuous development is at the expense of retailers, small shops owners or whether it supports retailers.
             Although the increase in number of wholesalers has raised many peoples concern whether it is ethical for the wholesalers to expand in rapid manner, Wholesalers have the strong perception that they do more good.

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