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Othello: Truth in Life

             The realization of truth in people's everyday lives is seen though the character analysis in the play Othello by William Shakespeare. Othello is a domestic tragedy that shows how marriage in 16th Century Venice truly is. (Amour,126) In the play it is seen how the jealous rage of Othello, caused by the complex Iago, leads to the downfall of Othello's wife, Desdemona. .
             There is no subject more exciting than sexual jealousy when it deals with love and passion. When passion is separated from the crime it no longer looks despicable but instead romantic. (Bradley,414) Initially, Othello appears to be the model of self-control. (Kernan) Leading, Signoria of Venice to promote Othello to the position of general. This is a position for a man with a secure sense of his own worth, as well as, being calm in mind and in manner. Rising to the top with little or no help from others demonstrates the ambition of Othello. A quality that lead, the virtuous Desdemona, daughter to a Venetian Senator, to fall completely in love with and marry Othello. However, the interracial tension set in with people Othello thought he could trust, while deceit and betrayal begin. (Hipple) Iago, alleged friend to Othello, and solider begins to fill Othello's head with lies about the possible infidelity against Othello by his wife. As jealousy and suspicion drive Othello mad he then decides to confront Desdemona's bed maid, Emilia, of the recent actions of his bride. (Rowse,271) Jealousy leads Othello to treating Desdemona like a "whore in a brothel" as he questions her chastity, as well as, having an uncomfortable intercourse with Desdemona. A scene more painful than a murder. (Bradley,415) .
             Iago is the most complex and interesting psychological study in the Othello.(Rowse,268) It is often said that Iago, who villainy causes the whole tragedy, is an incarnation of pure evil, without motivation. This is not true; he has several motives for what he does.

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