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Evita Peron

             Eva Peron was born in Los Toldos, Argentina in 1919. She came from a poor illegitimate family and went on to being one of the most recognized, respected, and admirable woman in history. She fought for labor unions, woman's rights, and more importantly for the poor masses. .
             Eva Peron's popularity sprung as soon as Juan Peron's election took place. Some of her earliest distributions took place in 1946 which was referred to as" The Crusade of Social Aid" by the Peronist press. At Christmas time 1946, Evita handed food to old people and to strikers at the shoe factory, and the next year after that she distributed hundreds of thousands of packages of Cider and Panettoni. Evita would distribute clothes and food to people in poor rural areas. It was in these years that Evita saw what Argentina needed and also noticed the need that the people had. Once Juan Peron was elected president he couldn't pay attention solely to the labor unions that had much supported him so they turned to Evita. Evita encouraged all the labor unions, workers and the Descamisados and preached to them with great affection. She won their trust, reliability, and most important of all their hope. .
             Over the next few years Evita came to be very popular even more than her husband. Every day she would receive anywhere from 2000-3000 letters from people asking for her aid (Evita). .
             Lopez 2.
             Evita quotes:.
             "Everywhere homes, clothes, health were lacking. "That is why I had gone out into the streets to say: "Here I am. I want to be of some use to my people." .
             "When I noticed that my country's descamisados had listened to my then timid voice; when I began to see that letters arrived, and more letters, and men and women, youths and children and the elderly began to knock on the doors of our private residence, only then did I realize what the "appeal from my heart" would signify. "Although I had already foreseen that it was an almost impossible undertaking, I was convinced of it when the full meaning of the task became apparent to me" (www.

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