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How Hispanic Culture Affect The American Culture

            There are so many ways how the Hispanic culture has influenced our society. The Spanish language is one of the most spoken languages in the United States. In school, the Spanish language is a course you can take to learn the language and maybe even speak Spanish fluently. Spanish influence is found all around the United States from restaurants to television stations and to music.
             In our society we have Spanish restaurants which of course, have Spanish food. Spanish food is rich in color and flavor and most of the time, is spicy. When it comes to their music, there are a lot of Latin musicians. For example, Jennifer Lopez is Latin. I think she is a good singer and so many people look up to her. .
             Other examples are Selena and Enrique Iglesias. On television once a year The Latin Music Awards are on. There is a Spanish channel on television. The Spanish channel is for the Hispanic people to enjoy their own language on television. There are soap operas, talk shows and the same television programs that you see on American stations.
             The Hispanic artists of our time have greatly influenced our society. One artist that is Spanish is Pablo Picasso. His style of painting was always abstract. His .
             art is usually described in a series of overlapping periods. Some of his famous paintings are the Old Guitarist and the Blue Nude. Another Spanish artist is Salvador Dali. His most famous painting is The Persistence of Memory. There are also a lot of other Spanish artists.
             There are also Spanish movies and plays that have influenced our society. Selena the movie is about Selena's life and her death and then there is another movie called Don Quixote which is about this guy who has all these different fantasies. The plays that have influenced our society are Les Miserable and Evita. Evita is about the life of Argentina's infamous Eva Peron and Les Miserable is a musical based on the novel by Victor Hugo.
             The arts, restaurants, television, and media have greatly influenced our society.

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