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Sociology Essay - Social Diversity

            Race relations in America are very diverse, since America integrates people from all different cultures and ethnic backgrounds it is difficult to define certain aspects of the racial situations occurring in our society. Some Americans still treat, consider, and make decisions based upon peoples group, class and race. Although America has a high amount of immigrants from all over the world, racial discrimination typically affects the Latino and African American races the most. There have been many beneficial improvements towards these two specific races over the years. However there are also certain inequalities and certain privileges among racial and ethnic groups that have occurred recently which prove that America has not yet managed to overcome discrimination.
             For example, there has recently been controversial and humiliating situations for Mexicans involving a republican candidate, Mr. Donald Trump, who has recently publicly voiced his opinion towards Latino immigrants. He has racially profiled Mexicans as rapists, criminals, uneducated, and just problematic people in general. He has clearly made remarks that show the stereotypes and beliefs that people in America still have towards these races, in this case the Latino/Hispanic race. Comments like the ones Mr. Trump has made about Mexicans, make others believe in all the negative situations Mexicans have been involved such as coming to the country illegally, possibly committed serious crimes etc. and not the positive things they have accomplished in the country, such as adapting to a new culture, helping the country's economy by creating jobs or accepting low income jobs that U.S. Citizens wouldn't do for the pay others accept. There are many positive things to focus on the Mexican race accomplishments in this country although Mr.Trump refuses to accept.
             Another breakthrough America has overcome is segregation. Not too long ago America was enforcing the separation between race throughout the whole world.

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