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Is War Evil

             There are many reasons why a country or several countries could go to war. Some of these reasons are just, however many of them are not. There are many movies made illustrating many different aspects of American wars, good and bad.
             The American Revolution was mainly a political movement; however there were some social and economic factors. Much of this can be seen in movies such as The Patriot. This movie tells the story of a reluctant hero, Benjamin Martin, who enters the war after his family, becomes endangered by the British. Martin and his son take up arms against the British by leading a small militia into battle. Martin soon realizes that the only way to protect his family and freedom is to fight for a young nation's liberty (The Patriot). This movie a positive insight to the war through the main character. Economics and society factored in the conflict, as well, with the hardness of the taxes and the settler's need for a fair leader. .
             First of all, the conflict was partially economic because the colonies were full of natural resources and King George was interested in the money that he could get from them. The King and Parliament, in an effort to gain more money from the colonies, oppressed the colonists with heavy taxes. Because King George III wanted more income from the colonies, he was determined to get it and keep the colonists under control as well. The colonists, angered by the expensive tax on imported tea, decided to protest the tax by destroying a cargo of tea that was going to be unloaded at Boston. After they threw 90,000 pounds of English Tea into the Boston harbor in the famed Boston Tea Party, the king was furious because the waste of the tea had cost him a great deal of money (Conroy).
             Secondly, it was also a social dispute. One of the definitions of the adjective social is of, or pertaining to or based on rank of status in a particular society.

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