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A Necessary Evil

             There are many evils in this world, but only one of them can be necessary in extreme cases. Everyone knows that this necessary evil is war. The changes caused by war in a country, economy, and military are both positive and negative effects of a necessary evil.
             The effects of war can change a country in several ways. Conflict will always bring protest to a country. The protest can be both good and bad through. For example, the war with Iraq has brought out both types of protest: those who support the troops and those who do not. This has had a large effect because it brings the morale of the troops up knowing that people are behind them in what they are doing. At times like this a lot of people show more patriotism then normally. One will see more flags flying high and proud over people's yards, cars, and businesses. The flags might also fly at half mast when someone dies. The family of the killed soldier will never be the same, but they will always be remembered and for that they will be proud.
             In a hostile situation the military must act on instinct and for that reason some lives will be lost. Yes this is a tragic loss, but during a conflict lives are lost. Also during war a soldier must kill other soldiers and that can be hard on ones mind. There is no easy way to cope with killing someone and many people are never the same. Mental distraught is a common side effect of killing others if ones not used to doing so.
             One of the most common aspects of war is the effect on the economy of the countries involved. Gas prices are a major deal, because most of the time they seem to go up. This could happen for reasons like to help with the cost of war, humanitarian goods, and reparations. The opening of jobs is accounted for by the soldiers having been gone to war and the need of materials. This will help with the unemployment and the morale of a country. The opportunities for more jobs will cause the stock market to go up.

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