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Evil Thoughts lead to Evil way

             "It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways" (Buddha). Golding obviously supports Buddha's idea that societies have set standards of behavior, because without standards an individual's savage thoughts and instincts overcome any prior training. Roger, in Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, exemplifies one who goes from innocence to savagery because of a lack of standards. His relation to the total meaning of the novel makes a necessary character as he progresses through stages of change and learning as well as acting as an essential element to the outcome of the conflict. An apparent change of behavior takes place in Roger, proving that the inherently savage nature of mankind is suppressed only by influences of society. He learns that he can no longer be punished by the rules of civilization, leading him to an awareness of his ability to frighten people into doing as he wishes. Because of this knowledge Roger begins to gain more authority and eventually leads the boys on a hunt for Ralph with the intention of murder.
             As the story progresses, Roger changes from being one who is trained by society to one who has totally abandoned any notion of right and wrong. In the beginning of the story, Roger throws rocks at Henry with the intent to miss because his "arm [is] conditioned by a civilization that [knows] nothing of him" (62). Just like many young boys, he likes picking on younger children to make himself feel superior. Society ingrains within him the unacceptability of harming others and the consequences that can result from such actions. Although Roger is far from this society, he can't break away from his upbringing. As his time lengthens on the island, he reaches the point where he pushes a boulder onto Piggy "with a sense of delirious abandonment" (180) as the restraints of society are forgotten. Roger not only intentionally heaves a boulder onto Piggy, but he does so with the intention of murder.

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