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world domination

             Are you tired of the grind? Do you long for easier days? Do you grow weary of lesser people who have struggled to the top and are now telling you what to do? Are you out of high school or soon will be? Are you mad all the time? .
             If you answered yes to these questions you may be ready to embark on the job of a lifetime, a no holds barred quest to fulfill your every desire. But wait! It's not just a job; it's complete and total control over a select group of people. In this high tech fast paced rewarding career you not only get to subserviate those around you into whimpering masses, but also get to see your dreams come to fruition through long and complicated acts of deviousness. Beautiful buxom women will flock to you and your new-found power. You'll have confidence, no stress and the perks of dealing harshly with what bugs you will lead you to a life of fulfillment and relief and many nights of peaceful slumber knowing that those who you once held in disrespect you now hold in the palm of your hands.
             What is this hallowed of hallowed jobs that will prove once and for all who is the alpha male? What is this rewarding path that will show you the country and get your demands met at the same time? The push of a button could reap you millions in cash. Leaders will tremble at your name. If you have what it takes: an iron fist, a will of steel or even buns of cinnamon, you too can be a part of the booming field of brand new despots. Act fast, uproot your life and follow these tips, and you too can become AN EVIL OVERLORD!.
             GETTING STARTED .
             Lesson one- Do it for yourself!.
             You may have seen recent movies in which actors have portrayed "Evil" doctors, leaders, and even flat out thugs. But as all things out of Hollywood, these stories are tainted with the capitalist greed that makes for a good movie. Strangely the very people who are giving us these "outlandish" characters are the people whom we can turn to for prime examples of underhanded dealings and a lack of decency which all-good evil leaders posses.

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