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Lord of the flies: human are potentially evil

             Evil, is an inborn predisposition that lurks within humans. One may think, "A newly born baby isnt evil. It's the most innocent and pure creature." However, all humans are constitutionally evil, regardless age or gender. The only difference between a baby and an adult is that a baby simply hasnt uncover the evil, while adult, knowing the potential evil, is trying to restraint it. Human's vile urges are repressed by the rules of our civilization. The rules give us the sense of right and wrong, which furthermore distinguish evil from our lives. Consider this question: if evil doesnt exist, are rules necessary?.
             Imagine an "innocent" baby who is raised with only the basic needs of survival: food, shelter and physical requirements. The baby knows nothing about what is right or wrong, because we intentionally neglect the tuition for the baby. As a result the baby lives on congenital instincts. Once the baby is capable of moving and walking without any aid, we hold out objects that attract the baby's attention. Predictably, the baby will come and snatch objects he likes without any regard of whose is it. No one has taught the baby to seize, nor ask nicely. Therefore, the baby's primitive action is considered as instincts, which is the result of the hidden evil. What separates us from the ignorant baby is that we are educated and we can fight the desire to do bad things.
             The novel Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, demonstrates the humanity regressing back to the primitive stage due to the persuasion of evil and the lack of good leadership. Jack, one of the main characters, is the most obvious and quick to reveal the evil within. The first sign of Jack being instigated by the evil is when he wants his choir group to be "hunters." (P.19) It is most interesting to see a transition of choir, the peace and tranquility, to hunters of destruction and death. Jack's innate violence and aggression slowly uncovers to the readers as he "slashed at one [candle bushes] with his knife" (P.

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