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Iraq Crisis

             Is the war in Iraq really necessery? That is one of the biggest issue today among the world comunity. It interstood me because that is a subject that lives food for thought for anybody that cares about the humanity's future. It has been seen in the TV, people from all over the world going to the streets to protest against the war. In one side we have Iraq, a country with a population of about 22 million, ruled by a brutal ditador, Saddam Hussein, who has been in the power for 24 years, he is known for tourturing and killed his own people. On the other side, we have the Coalition Forces, lidered by the President of the United States, George W. Bush, and his major allies, England, and Spain. They say that they need to free the Iraqi people from Saddam's ditadorship.They desire to rid the world of serious threat from biological and chemical weapons. .
             Altough everybody agrees that Saddam Hussein is an evil man, that he has killed thousands of his own people using the worst types of torture resources available. Many people bealive that there were other ways to disarm Saddam, and take him, and his family away from power. The UN (United Nations) sent inspectors to Iraq to investigate if the Saddam Hussein regime still holds any chemical and biological weapons, if the inspectors would have found any, and Iraq refused to distroy them, UN would finally authorize U.S. and its allies to use the power against Iraq, however the coalition forces were not able to wait until the UN would come up with a resolution that would peacefully disarm Iraq and take Saddam away from power.
             By starting this war, The United States has created a new international order, according to this article published by "The Nation", the war is not necessary, unwise and ilegal, they define United States as the "New American Empire", because it reserves the power to judge and punish other countries. .
             "To justify the war, the president has invoked the doctrine of "preventive" war, under wich the United States is to be the sole judge of the douctrine's legitimacy and application.

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