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Life of Queen Elizabeth I

            Imagine yourself walking into your work environment and having everyone stare at you with both envy and amazement. Well, that is how Queen Elizabeth I leads her whole life. She took over the throne of England only at age 25 and did more for England during the first few weeks than some of the other rulers did their entire reign. She is independent and knows more about the business world than many of our "Avanti" readers.
             Elizabeth was born into the arms of King Henry VIII and Anne Boylene on September 7, 1533. Henry was furious that Anne didn't give him a baby boy so he had her beheaded for Adultery. Henry and Elizabeth then moved on.
             Henry remarried five more times also giving Elizabeth an older half-sister named Mary and a younger half-brother named Edward. It wasn't until Elizabeth's sixth and final mother that she had someone who really loved her. She was Catherine Paar. Catherine hired many tutors for Elizabeth. Elizabeth became fluent in 5 languages and she also had the wit of a 40-year-old adult at age 6. But, tragedy struck the family.
             In 1547 King Henry VIII died, thus leaving the throne to little ten-year old Edward. Sadly enough, at age 16 Edward died of a disease. It was hard for Elizabeth, and it didn't get much better.
             Mary was now the Queen of England. Mary was very different from the rest of the family, they were all Protestants and she was a strong believer in Catholicism. Mary did everything in her power to change everything over to Catholic. This upset Elizabeth very much. Queen Mary did not want Elizabeth getting in her way so she locked her up in the Tower of London. Luckily, soon after locking Elizabeth up Mary died. Things began looking a whole lot better.
             In 1558 Elizabeth took the throne of England. Everyone was thrilled! Bomb-fires blazed, bells rang and people were dancing in the streets. The very first thing Elizabeth did was to take care of the government.

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