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elizabeth 1st

            Queen Elizabeth I, born on September 7, 1533 in Westminster Palace, located in London, daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, was the first female queen to successfully rule England from 1558-1603 on her own. She ruled during the English Renaissance, where poetry and drama were introduced by poets such as William Shakespeare and during the Medieval Times.
             Elizabeth I was a tall and thin girl with very white skin, red-gold hair, brown eyes, with pale eyelashes. Angry that he did not have a son, Henry VIII accused Boleyn of having love affairs with other men. Boleyn was sent to the Tower of London, where she later met her death. At the age of nine, Edward VI, a Protestant was given the throne after Henry VIII died. Henry VIII's will included that Edward would rule until his death; if he did not have any children, Mary, his first wife's daughter would rule. If Mary died and did not have any children, Elizabeth, a Protestant would become queen.
             The Duke of Northumberland did not want Mary, a Catholic to rule because he feared that she would not have any Protestants in her Council. He did not want Elizabeth to become queen either because she would rule over men and be independent by choosing whatever she wants to do. .
             The duke secretly went to Jane Grey, Henry VIII"s niece and married her to his oldest son. He convinced Edward to leave a will in which Jane Grey would be given the thrown. Edward's death was kept a secret from Mary and Elizabeth and notes were sent telling them that Edward called for them in London. William Cecil, the duke's secretary warned Elizabeth of a trap, for she could be sent to the Tower of London and meet her death. Mary, on her way, learned the truth and took an army to drive out Jane Grey and the duke. After the duke was killed and Jane Grey was sent to the Tower of London, Mary became queen.
             As the parade was going underway, cries of Mary and Elizabeth were made.

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