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The British and Greed

            The British knew there were riches to be had in the new world. However they didn't want everyone getting a part. In order to ensure that no one else was going t get rich, they put numerous rules and regulations on how things were to be handled.
             The British wanted to be in control of all trade that was going on though out the world. They started with the Navigation Acts saying at first the ships and crewmembers needed to be either English or Colonial; later changing it to say only English. They set rules such as the Manufacturing Acts which meant all raw materials had to be shipped to England, and then back to the colonies as finished goods. .
             As if that wasn't enough, the British kept adding one tax after another. The Sugar Act was designed to make sure the sugar went only to England; ships had to carry proof of where the sugar came from. The Stamp Act really ticked off the colonists. It was the first internal tax directed right at the local person. This act meant that any documents of any importance such as: newspapers, playing cards, and legal documents, had to have a stamp on them. The Townsend Duties Act and The Tea Act were more ways to get more money out of the colonists by taxing tea, paper, paint, lead, and glass. .
             Needless to say the colonists where very irritated about all of this. Due to greed, Britain lost what they had.

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