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European Exploration

             Christopher Columbus, considered one of the greatest explorers of all time, had many reasons for his exploration. However, it is made obvious by studying the history of Columbus" explorations that his main motive for exploration was greed. Columbus had the same desires as many explorers both before and after him. He yearned for gold, wanted land, and wanted power. The whole purpose for his first voyage to what he thought was India, but turned out to be Central America, was to gain land for Spain. It took quite a bit of sweet talking from Columbus to get the money and ships needed for this voyage from Spain's Queen Isabella. But in the end, Columbus had the chance to reach a goal brought on by greed; to gain riches. Queen Isabella had the same motive. She wanted land for Spain, and that is the only reason that she ever gave him the money and ships to make his voyage.
             The English, like other countries, voyaged to the Americas in search of riches. It wasn't until they got there that they realized that people already lived there. It was at that point that greed took over the English. The English did something, that by today's standards would be considered inhuman. They used a method of mass murder called extermination. They used whatever it took to kill the most Native Americans possible in the smallest amount of time. The English would not have done this had it not been for extreme greed. They wanted the land that the Native Americans had and they wanted it as soon as possible. This greed among the English did accomplish their task of taking land quickly, but it also accomplished the murder of thousands of Native Americans.
             Colonial Life.
             The middle colonies included New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. People of the middle colonies were generally grouped into three social classes; the gentry, or the rich and best educated people, the middle class, who were basically farmers and small merchants, and the lower class, which were sailors and apprentices.

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