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"What factors in the European

            "What factors in the European Society gave rise to the Age of Exploration?.
             Circa the 15th century , Europe was recuperating from the effects of the 14th century. After the devastating Black Plague, Europeans craved the change and expansion that only a new Epoch could cure, and thus the Age of Exploration began. The main factors that gave rise to the Age of Exploration were the rapid population explosion, the decline of feudalism and the craving for spreading religion. .
             Part of the reason for Europe attempting to expand was the sudden population explosion. Europe's population nearly doubled between the years of 1500 and 1650. Cities grew before the population as a result of people moving from the countryside to cities. London's population grew from 50,000 in 1500 to 200,000 people in 1650. This new population increase, contributed new workers and expanded the economy. The increase also helped to fuel agricultural improvements like the use of large-scale commercial agriculture. .
             The decline of feudalism helped to release peasants from the influence of their nobles and expose them to new ideas. As the pope called for more people to join in the Crusades, people left their manors with ideas of exploration. The stories of early explorers such as Marco Polo sparked interest in gold and wealth in Asia and India. This decline of the feudal system helped peasants to move into cities and away from the country.
             As the people of Europe migrated more to cities, and the early explorers traveled to new places, new ideas began to spread among people easier. This combination of ideas led to growth in technology. The need for new and exotic goods helped Europeans to invest their time into finding new nautical equipment. A new ship was developed, called the caravel, with a large influence from the Arabs and Chinese. To help explorers and sea-traders with their navigation to and from Asia, instruments such as the quadrant and the astrolabe were upgraded.

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