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Air Pollution and the World Trade Center attacks

             Objective: To determine the level of air pollution in Lower Manhattan and the areas surrounding Ground Zero (the site of the World Trade Center collapse). The source and quantity of its pollution, and the effect the pollution has on those exposed.
             Summary: Before September.11, 2001 Manhattan had the highest level of air pollution with toxic air levels 421 times the EPA's safe level. Toxins in the air were butaetiene, formaldehyde, benzene, chromium, nickel, and carbon tetrachloride. Since September. 11, 2001 and the bombing of the World Trade Center; Lower Manhattan and the area surrounding WTC's air contain very fine toxic particles. These particles are silicon, sulfur, vanadium, nickel, lead, glass fibers, inorganic carbon, arsenic, PCB's, asbestos and dioxin. This air is known as World Trade Center Dust. These toxins were expelled into the air due to the extreme temperatures of the fires and their duration working as an incinerator. Scientist says Ground Zero (World Trade Center site) is the equivalent of a chemical explosion. The extreme pollution of the air poses many dangerous health conditions. World Trade Center cough is a persistent wracking respiratory ailment similar to bronchitis, is the most common among relief workers. Others affected complained of irritation or the eyes, nose, throat, and upper airways. This paper concludes that there is an extremely dangerous level of air pollution in Lower Manhattan and the area surrounding Ground Zero. The toxins in the air are a direct result of the fires at the site. These toxins are very harmful to a person's health and may have long-term effects. .
             Introduction: The subject of this report is the air in Lower Manhattan and surrounding Ground Zero. Determine whether the air has been polluted. If pollution has occurred, and how? What toxins are present in the air, and their health risks? The bombing, collapse and complete demolition of two of the world's most prestigious buildings, must have had an effect on air quality.

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