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Christopher Reeves

            Christopher Reeve was born in New York City, on September 25, 1952.
             roles on television and on stage before becoming universally known as Superman. He was.
             twenty two years old when he starred in his first t.v. Series. Love of Life in 1974. When he was.
             twenty four years he starred in the first Superman movie that made him famous. He was.
             involved in twenty five works before his tragic accident occurred in 1995. Christopher Reeve.
             was participating in an equestrian competition. He was thrown from the horse, while riding.
             horseback, and was left paralyzed from the neck down. His spine was severed in the accident.
             He awoke in the hospital and unable to breath without the help of a machine pumping his lungs.
             He thought that it may be the time to pull the plug, but his wife held on and was unwilling to let.
             go, which turned into his inspiration to write his book, Still Me years later, telling his story. He.
             hung on and was unwilling to let his disability affect his professional life. He directed the 1997.
             television movie, In the Gloaming, for which he was nominated for an Emmy. Then went on to.
             produce and star in many others.
             I couldn't find much information about Christopher Reeve's life before acting, but I.
             consider him to be a master student because he possesses the traits of a master student. He was.
             always diligent and loved what he did. He stayed focused, even through a tragic accident, and.
             was still successful at what he loved to do. He influences a lot of people through his life.
             Christopher Reeve has a positive influence on me. He has shown me as well as many.
             others that nothing can hold you back. There are a lot of set backs along life's way, but through.
             diligence and dedication anything is possible. Christopher Reeve knows without a doubt that.
             eventually he will be able to walk again, and when he does, the myth of Superman will become.
             reality. .

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