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            Lagaan is an Indian movie created in Bollywood. The word lagan means tax in Hindu, where in this movie it pertains to the tax the British set on the small Indian village called Champaner, in India. It is a movie about common men, led by a strong-minded man who stands his ground for a cause against the powerful British general. The British treat the Indians as second-class citizens in their own country; which causes the natives to hate the British with a passion. .
             The movie takes place in a small village in India, where the British army has taken over. There is a tax that the Indian villagers must pay to the British generals every year. The British general who is in charge of this village is Captain Andrew Russell, viewed in this movie as a greedy, unfair and very proud man. Captain Russell decides to double the taxes for the villagers. The village is starving as it is, and the increased tax will only give the villagers more hardships. In response to the new tax, the villagers gather in front of the British headquarters. Bhuvan, a young strong-minded man, stands up to the British general and demands fairness. The British general surprised and ignorant decides to deceive the Indians by challenging them to a cricket match. And who ever loses will have to pay, not double but triple the tax, in doing so, Captain Russell knows that the Indians were not familiar with the game. Bhuvan, without consent of the rest of the village, aggress to the match. .
             At first the villagers are furious with Bhuvan. They know that their chances of winning are very slim. But Bhuvan determined to win, convinces slowly one by one each. Soon enough they have formed a team. But still they have not yet fully understood the game of cricket. One day when spying on the British playing cricket, they are approached my Elizabeth, Captain Russell's sister. Feeling bad for the villagers, Elizabeth decides to help Bhuvan, without the consent of her brother.

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