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Affirmative Action

            Affirmative action is a public policy made to help women, African-Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, and other races overcome their discriminatory past. Affirmative action is a policy where if you have a man or woman with the same qualifications for a job, with affirmative action you would chose the minority. Affirmative action also takes place in many different places such as schools, jobs, and housing.
             Affirmative action programs are set up to help minorities and women get more opportunities in the workforce, and also open up doors to schools, which offer a higher education. Some reasons affirmative action was implemented was because of some of the research that became available in 1991, the income of all black families was only 57% for the income of all white families. Also in 1991 the household income for whites was 31,569 and for blacks 18, 807 and Hispanics earned 22,691. I believe that the majority has taken for granted the advantages and opportunities that they have been presented with over time. A lot of well-qualified minorities and women are most likely outside the loop of advantages and opportunities. Therefore affirmative action was created to be a positive and uplifting policy brought about to help minorities throughout the U.S.
             Title VII of the civil rights excludes companies from having quotas so that they can't correct for imbalances in the workplace. For a company to set up absolute quotas or have a specific number of minorities to hire can subject them to reverse discrimination charges. To have a set number of minorities to hire isn't advocated excepts where a court of law has unmistakable evidence convicting someone of racial or gender discrimination. Women and minorities just want employers and schools offering a better education and better job opportunities. Minorities do not want to feel that have been given jobs because of this policy, nor are they looking for handouts, the main reason this policy was implemented was to allow minorities in America to have the same opportunities as the next man.

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