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The Relationship Between " The Rocking Horse Winner" and D

             Why should getting an education make a difference in life? What's the difference between lower class and middle class During childhood D.H Lawrence knew how it felt to live on the lower side of town, and younger generations has taken for granted education and social classes.
             D.H Lawrence was by far one the most contemporary authors of our time. Yet, during his lifetime he was viewed as vial, obscene and completely out of line for his generation. His work when first published were considered inappropriate and to some extent not considered literature. Lawrence had always struggled for acceptance from his family, peers, and even the readers of his work. Lawrence's mother, Lydia Beardsall Lawrence, was a former schoolteacher who had grown up in a higher social class than what her husband , Arthur Lawrence, who was a coal miner ( Gale par. 7). Lydia's parents disapproved to her marriage to Arthur, because he was not in a higher social class. She married for love and became very unhappy as the marriage progressed through the years (Worthen par. 5). Like the mother in " The Rocking Horse Winner" she to did not have a strong connection with her children. She felt like she was tied down and at one time in her life she didn't want anymore ( Worthen par. 3) Lawrence's father, Arthur Lawrence, was irresponsible with the money he earned from work. He would spend what little bit they did have on alcoholic drinks( Worthen par. 7). Same for the father in "The Rocking Horse Winner" he would earn money and then spend it on himself. It didn't matter how much money both fathers would make, because it wasn't spent properly. Money was always wasted in both households.
             Lawrence was the fourth child of five children and was over looked part of his life, very much like Paul in his story. Lawrence was a sick child from birth ( Gale par. 7). While growing up his siblings received a better education then he did, because his mother felt like he was too sick to learn( Worthen par.

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