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Seeing is Believing, Believing is Seeing

            A common saying my parents kept repeating to me while I was very young was "seeing is believing, you"ll understand when you"re older." But to tell you the truth I never really believed them, that is until I was a little older and through my experiences could see what they meant first hand. Although this may be a simplistic example of what my parents were telling me just a few years ago it also illustrates the idea of seeing is believing very clearly. In this instance I could not for the life of me believe what my parents were telling me, it just didn't make any sense. But as soon as I could see examples of what they were saying in the world around me I understood it perfectly, in this case, seeing was believing.
             One of the examples of seeing is believing that helped me understand my parents occurred during a recent physics class. We were examining the laws of gravity and motion when someone made the conjecture that if a bullet was shot horizontally out of a gun and another was dropped from the same height at the same time the two bullets would land at exactly the same time. Theoretically this made perfect sense, gravity is the same on both bullets as is air resistance, but I just could not believe it would happen that way. I tried to picture a bullet being fired from a gun and hitting the ground but I couldn't do it, and so as a class we decided to test out this theory. We got some high-powered slingshots and squash balls and shot the balls horizontally off of a balcony while dropping some at the same time, and without fail they hit the ground at the same time. As soon as I saw this real life demonstration of physics I could believe the theory because even our deepest-rooted beliefs can be changed by sight. That's because it's almost impossible to disagree with something that's directly in front of you, so plain and obvious, even though if you searched you could find problems with what you"re seeing.

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