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Illuminati and the All Seeing Eye

            Sunday February 2, 2015, marked the victory of the New England Patriots. It also raised a lot of questions concerning whether or not half time is being used to the power of the illuminati. The show which is known to be a highlight during this time isn't so exciting anymore. It is now being said that the Super bowls half time show has been used to send out messages from the illuminati. It is also said that Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's nipple revealing in 2004 was the start to the stimulating of the illuminati. As of this year it has been said that Katy Perry, a star known for saying "I sold my soul to the devil." did a performance that was illuminati based. Her performance is being compared to the queen Isis who is heavily used in the illuminati. The comparison comes from an ancient picture of the goddess Isis riding a lion and Katy Perry riding a lion while performing. Not only was this a symbol but so was the floor set up. It consisted of a checker board pattern which is linked to the freemason secret society. It's used to initiate people or make them a "better man". The colored patterns of black and white have been associated with the evil and good of humankind. The illuminati have become more of an industry today than when it originated.
             The illuminati, which can also be referred to as the old world order, have been in place since the 1760s. It was founded by a man named Adam Weishaupt who started the illuminati which was funded by the International Bankers. The goal of this industry has been to rid the world of all religion and government while creating a "One world order."Weishaupt started writing out his gospel in the 1770s finishing it on May 1st, 1776. This day is still celebrated by some followers as "May Day." One government was smart enough to figure out the illuminati's plans and that was the Bavarian government. This then caused for the illuminati to retract, but they still continued on with a purpose in mind.

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