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Angels & Demons

             The main character in the book "Angels and Demons" is a person named Robert Langdon. He is a Professor at Harvard University that teaches art history. The story opens up with him in his home at five in the morning. He is awakened by a phone call from a physicist. The physicist wanted him to investigate a murder/mutilation of q colleague at his lab in Switzerland. Robert at first was upset at the physicist whose name was Kohler. He was upset because Kohler called him at five in the morning and wanted him to fly to an undisclosed location from the Boston airport. Robert then told Kohler he wasn't interested and then hung up the phone and tried to fall back to sleep, which he could not accomplish, so he went to get some hot chocolate. While he was sipping hot chocolate a fax was sent to him. The fax showed the mutilated body with the word Illuminati branded on the bodies" chest. This spiked Roberts's interest. Robert then decided to follow Kohler's direction and fly to the location that they were to meet at. Robert went to the Boston airport and met the pilot and the mach 15 jet that he was to fly to the location in. When he arrived at the location an hour later he was in Switzerland. He then got into a car and sped off to the lab were the body laid. When he got to the lab he met Kohler and they headed off in the direction of the body. On the way to the body Kohler guided Robert on a tour of the building. They arrived at the door that had the body on the other side. They then proceeded to open the door .
             As they walked though the door they saw the body laying there naked on the floor. The body's head was twisted around so that the face was facing the floor, even though the rest of the body was twisted the opposite way. The room was at a freezing temperature so that the body could be preserved. Kohler asked about the branded lettering on the chest of the body.

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