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Analysis of Dogma

             A female descendant of Christ named Bethany, along with two unlikely prophets, Jay and Silent Bob, are called upon by Metatron, an angel who is the Voice of God, to stop two angels who were cast out of heaven from completing a mission. The mission of the two angels, Bartleby and Loki, is to return to heaven by restoring their souls by entering a new church in New Jersey. Restoring a person's soul by entering a new church is a part of the Catholic Dogma, and by doing this, the angels could reenter heaven and show that there is a loophole to return to heaven. This would prove that God was not perfect and upon proving this, all of God's work would immediately be erased. Throughout the film, the "good guys" end up fighting off a demon, Azrael, and his three assistants. Finally, Bartleby and Loki arrive at the Catholic church and disrupt Cardinal Glick, and his promotion for a program, Wow, which was meant to be a method of pushing Catholicism into the mainstream. Not long after Bartleby and Loki arrive, the group shows up and battles the two angels. At the end, Loki and Bartleby never make it to Heaven again, Bartleby kills Loki, and then God, who is portrayed as a woman, comes down and kills Bartleby. At the end, everyone goes their separate ways and Bethany becomes miraculously becomes pregnant, so her baby will be "the last Zion".
             I thought "Dogma" was a very humorous, daring, and original film that took Catholicism and threw a bit of a spin on its beliefs and practices. I was surprised at how the movie was so bold as to ridicule Catholicism, but also entertained by the very original plot and great acting in the film. Being not of the Catholic religion, I was not offended at how they portrayed Catholicism throughout the entire film. In fact, I thought it was a nice change to see something that dared to push all of the "normal" ideas of a religious film, instead of walking lightly around the topic.

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