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"Are Women Cut Out For Military Combat?"

            Should women be allowed to hold combat positions in the military? Many say yes. The fact is, there is a place for women in the military, but it is not on the battlefields. There are many things that women can do just as good if not better than men. Fighting, however, is not one of them. There are several reasons why women should be allowed to hold combat positions, but there are more reasons why they should not.
             Many women are qualified enough, and some strong enough to fight on .
             battlefields during wartime. As we all know, weapon technology has become much more advanced and weapons today are much easier to handle, but no matter how easy a weapon can be handled by a woman, it is always going to be easier for a man, and there are still weapons that require ample strength to handle. Even though those particular weapons can be assigned to a man, what would happen if he was no longer able to perform his duty, and the only person able to was a woman. This is just one of many risks the United States Military cannot afford to take.
             One of the problems with women not being able to hold combat positions is that it could hurt their military careers. Not being able to serve time on the battlefield could hurt their ranking. It is very hard for a woman to be awarded a medal of honor while in an office. .
             Women do belong in the military, and the United States needs women in the military, but not for their strength, for their intelligence. Many positions are offered by the military that are perfect for a woman. A pilot, for example, is a perfect position for a woman interested in serving in the military. There is absolutely no physical strength required. There is no doubt in my mind that a woman can go out and be the best fighter pilot in the United States. Women can also serve as guards in the military. There is no question that women can hold their own, and protect themselves. In fact, during the.

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