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Body building in its most natural form

             The Differences between Natural Bodybuilding and Olympia Bodybuilding.
             For years, people around the world have been intrigued by extraordinary displays of human physiques. Over time, this intrigue helped form the sport of bodybuilding. Although relatively new when compared to other athletics, bodybuilding has become a sport that involves almost every characteristic of a true athlete. Such characteristics include extreme dedication; perseverance and a willingness to have one's life revolve around the sport. However, as the sport modernized, new technology allowed for alternative ways to building massive physiques. Within a few years, the best bodybuilders held physiques that would otherwise be considered impossible to obtain a few years earlier. Recently, this new technology which includes steroids, growth hormones and over-the-counter supplements became illegal to consumers. Despite government attempts to ban the use of these drugs, bodybuilders continue to admit their use of these illicit substances- hence, the formation of separate classes of bodybuilding (Jeddahs). Separate classes allow for equal competition which in turn, draws more men and women to the sport rather than deterring them. In some ways, the separate classes are ways for extreme bodybuilders to come out and say that they use drugs to enhance .
             their physiques. On the other hand, it also allows natural competitors to compete and have an award winning physique while maintaining their health.
             The separation of classes, simply stated, allows for men or women to compete with or without the use of several types of drugs. The separation of classes involves natural bodybuilding, and Olympia bodybuilding. In natural bodybuilding, competitors tend to focus more on their health, fitness level, and well being whereas Olympia bodybuilding contains competitors who are content with using drugs and risking their lives in order to reach the Olympia level (Sepe).

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