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Definition of a critic

            According to Webster's dictionary, a critic is one who judges the quality of literary or artistic works. In any work written or made for a large group of people, it is imperative to get a final product or result that is widely accepted and appreciated. To this end a critic is useful in achieving this. A critic is like an appraiser. However, a critic differs from an appraiser in a lot of ways, including the fact that a critic would commend the good work and point out the errors that he sees or thinks in a "bad" work, but the appraiser only tells and commends the good things.
             However, a notion do exist that a critic only finds fault, and thereby always condemns some other persons" work. This is not a very accurate statement. A good critic is unbiased and unprejudiced. They tell it like it is or at least the way they see it. A good critic knows that human acts are still prone to errors (he/she is human), which is the reason why they don't outright develop a "bad" idea about a work by just an error. There must have been egregious errors and disjointed ideas evident in the material. Only bad critics or shall we say "condemners" set out to do the contrary. .
             Individually and independently, criticism exists with human beings in everyday life. Everybody is a critic or has been a critic at a certain time in a certain situation. For example, when you are reviewing a friend's paper; you are a critic at that instance. You don't always write-off the paper as a failure and set out to find fault. Sometimes, upon reviewing the paper, you congratulate him/her for writing a good paper. This also applies to a lot of instances in life: inspecting your son's car, reviewing your plumber's work, watching your favorite sports team etc. You don't initially conceive an idea of a bad car or a terrible work or a disgraceful team. You actually go over the "material" or the game and render your heartfelt opinion, devoid of any partiality.

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