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Tarantino generation

            Quentin has proven that he's not just the flavor of the month.
             oscar nominations people were questioning whether or not this was a one man new wave. .
             That was ten years ago, and now with Kill Bill 2 being called one of the best movies of.
             the year by Roger Ebert, we can see that Tarantino has proven himself. What he gives us,.
             and why many people flock to his movies, is something that sounds like realistic dialogue.
             but of course is written and scripted. This is the man that revitalized John Travolta's.
             career, the man who uses lively low lifes and characters to reflect how dull other movies.
             have become. You just never know what's coming in his movies. In last October's issue.
             of The New Yorker, Tarantino claimed that he wants his movie to be "hangout movies"-.
             movies where the plot and camerawork might be great but the main attraction is the vivid.
             characters. His out of order sequences always keep the audience on their toes. We get to.
             spend time with creeps while their doing things that normal creeps do, such as Bud in kill.
             Bill and the low life criminals in Reservoir Dogs. Although Kill Bill 1 featured.
             extensively long action scenes, number 2 did what Tarantino does best, have actors on.
             screen moving a story along with only dialogue. Samuel L. Jackson when speaking on.
             Tarantino said, "Theatre is a tell-me medium, and film is a show-me medium, but.
             Quentin found a way to marry the two." So is Tarantino slated to burn out soon? He's.
             41 now, and he claims that he doesn't want to make movies in his sixties, so at his.
             current rate of four movies in twelve years he has about six more movies left in him. .
             When I"m sitting there in the theater watching what he's made, I feel like I've been taken.
             back to years ago when movies weren't set on auto pilot and you knew what would.
             happen after only watching ten minutes of the film. He's a true storyteller and his films.
             unravel themselves as they go along. .

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