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Robocop - Film Review

            "2014's iteration of "Robocop" is a kinder, gentler version of Paul Verhoeven's 1987 sci-fi orgy of violence" (James Berardinelli;Reelviews). That is the shortest and simplest way to sum up all the film's faults, but I will attempt to elaborate on this and give my views on the film after a viewing, and compare it to the 1987 original in terms of quality.
             In the year 2028, technology has become extremely advanced and with it so has society. As a result of this a world where humans and robots coexist is no longer a pipedream, in fact, Super-Company Omnicorp has turned the very science of Robotics into a whole new industry, exploring the science and applying it to many different uses, namely medical and security solutions. The company has for the past couple of years applied the later mostly in the Middle East, using fully armed units of robotic soldiers to police areas where "dangers to civilian lives persist." Head of Omnicorp Raymond Sellars wants to bring this same situation into the U.S but he can't as a current law bans the use of Drones on American soil. Sellars soon realizes that if he's going to get the people to change their ideas on this he's going to have to give them an idol, an icon, a hero to rally behind. A machine who can think, feel, and make decisions just like a man, a robot with a heart. Of course that's impossible, so Omnicorp looks for the next best thing, a cyborg, a man with a body of steel rather than flesh and blood, a body Omnicorp can control. That man is our protagonist Hotshot cop Alex J Murphy. A man not afraid to take risks, he fights crime in his hometown of Detroit alongside his best friend and partner Jack Lewis. He goes home at night to his son, and his wife, Clara Murphy. One night and is crippled, horrifically maimed in a rigged car explosion, meant to kill him, but it doesn't. Omnicorp rebuilds him as their new Poster Bot, the first cyborg policeman, RoboCop.

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