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European Unions Common Agricultural Poilicy

             World War II, a drastic time for all of the world. It pretty much set the tone for the rest of modern history. Europe was extremely weakened and the United States had gained prominence due her heroic efforts for the allied states. Not only had many European countries had been weakened politically, but socially as well. They in turn lost many basic civilized rights that many Europeans had taken for granted all of there lives. Due to the high cost of war all of Europe and the United States where forced to begin rationing of many food stuffs and clothing. This effected Europe the most, considering that it was there actual geographic location where the war was set. Many basic amenities of life such as sugar, meat, and butter where in extreme low quantities.
             Thus entering the arena of the common agricultural Policy. CAP was created out of the bowels of World War II, the fledging European Community formed a policy that would keep all of Europe's poor farmers up and working no matter the economic situation that was brewing. It would allow farmers to sell there products at an fixed rate no matter if it really was at that price or not, causing tons of farmer whom may or may not actually should still be open or not stay in business. Thus created tons of butter mountains and sugar silos full of food that no one needed. In this paper I plan on explaining the actual Common Agricultural Policy and all it entails the history and the reforms that it has recently gone under to make a better European Union that would no longer need to go back to the rationing system if a domestic war effort where to ever start again. .
             The CAP was born out of the 1968 Treaty of Rome and later on it was also included with in the Economic integration policy which entailed three separate pillars. The first pillar was the creation of customs union; the second was also the creation of a single market; and the third was the Common Agricultural policy.

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