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The fifthe enlargement of the european union

            The Fifth Enlargement of the European Union.
             Which if there they were not sufficient political changes in the world setting contemporary, we will have one more than large dimensions and economic and political consequences for the present international order. .
             The fifth enlargement of the European Union supposes the major challenge since the foundation (CECA and CEEA) traveling through the consolidation to 1969 and culminating with its fulness (1985-1991), due to the extension of this project toward the center and this of the continent thus also by the plurality and difference of its components. .
             Thus we have in May of this year 2004 the countries of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus (splits Greek) and Malta they will become member with every right of the European Union. Now we will try briefly to itemize some characteristics and an approach to an analysis. .
             The forecasts are short-term pessimistic therefore in territorial terms there will be an increase of near the 36% and an increase poblacional of approximately the 31%, but in economic terms is foreseen that be but negative that that of all the previous adhesions, The countries of Europe Central and Oriental (I SIN) are economies of small size with a level of wealth by very lower inhabitant al average of the presentThe GDP in terms to be able acquisitive represents alone the 15% of the remainder of the EU, in other words, there will be a greater increase of population that of GDP. .
             Though from the fall of the wall of Berlin I SIN them's have transformed their economies and gone gradually liberalizing their markets, although are economies that had to reform all the structure of the state and inside these countries the ones that but quick they have done this transition are the ones that have adopted the right politicians and civil of the western democracies.
             Nevertheless, in practice the criterion of adhesion of the EU is a so much indefinite, the Art.

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