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European Union

            Pros and cons of joining European Union.
             Isolation has always been a barrier to development of a country. As it can be seen in the history, countries that were isolated either because of their unacceptable political regime or because of their unwillingness to openly communicate with other states never underwent such a development boom as countries that opened themselves. European Union represents a strong political and economical union of states in which the participation of Slovakia would result into many economical or political advantages.
             Majority of Slovaks know what European Union represents however they are mostly unaware of advantages, which will be brought to Slovakia after joining this international community. Slovakia will firstly and most importantly become much more attractive for foreign investors than before its joining the European Union. This tendency can already be seen as Slovakia moves steadily towards joining European Union. Car factory Citroen- Peugeot has decided t built a multimillion-dollar car assembly factory because of a forecast of steady economic conditions in Slovakia.
             Economic benefits such as arrival of new investors to Slovakia is not the only advantage offered to Slovakia. According to Schengen agreement countries of the European Union except Great Britain do not require any documents when crossing the borders. Slovakia will be able to benefit from this fact only few years after its inclusion into European structures.
             Traveling without the need of identifying at every state border may also help to Slovaks with a desire to work abroad within the European Union. This opportunity will be offered by certain states immediately after joining Slovakia to the European Union and by other countries in a near future. Slovakia has many talented workers who will definitely be able to put their knowledge into practice in the European Union states. .
             Above mentioned opportunities and advantages are gladsome however may seem very theoretical for many people.

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