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What were the motives and aims of the Big Three at the Paris

            The Paris Peace Conference was held in Versailles. Thirty-two nations were meant to attend, however, none of the defeated countries were invited. Twelve months of hard negotiation followed, and 5 treaties were drawn up as the final result. The main Treaty was the Treaty of Versailles which dealt with Germany. The other four treaties dealt with Germany's allies. The Big Three made all the important decisions to do with Germany, however they rarely agreed with one another. .
             George Clemenceau was the French President at the time, and he represented France at the peace conferences. He was a hard, tough politician known for being uncompromising. He was aware of the fact that ever since 1870 France had felt threatened by Germany, because of the two previous invasions. (WWI had only increased this feeling) Therefore it was Clemenceau's main aim to cripple Germany with a harsh treaty, so that there was no chance of any future attacks. Clemenceau also wanted Germany to pay war reparations for the land damage in the north-east of France caused by the trench warfare. The French public were also putting enormous pressure on Clemenceau to get revenge. During WWI over two thirds of the French army were either dead or injured and they felt Germany had a lot to answer for. .
             David Lloyd George was the British Prime Minister at the time, and he represented Britain at the conference. Lloyd George knew that the British empire was mainly threatened by Germany's navy and overseas colonies. So his main aim was to make sure Germany was weakened in both of those departments. Lloyd George was also under pressure form the public to make Germany pay, however, not as much as Clemenceau. Now that WWI was over and Germany had ceased fire, Britain was able to see just how bad the state of their economy was. There were food and medical shortages, poor living standards and extremely high unemployment. The British people felt they needed to blame someone, in this case it was Germany.

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