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The Lost Boys

             Santa Carla, California, the murder capital of the world, or so it was told by the billboard entering town. A divorced woman and her two teenage sons, along with the family dog called Nanook, move to Santa Carla to live with her father. Little did they know that they would be entering the world of the undead. For Santa Carla was home to a marauding band of teenage trouble makers, who just happened to be blood sucking vampires.
             Lucy (played by Dianne West), the mother of Sam and Michael, finds a job at the local video store and meets the owner by name of Max (Edward Herrmann). The two start to date only to have multiply dates ruined by Sam, Lucy's youngest son, in an attempt to unmask Max as the head vampire. Lucy is the only one that does not see that the vampires really do live in Santa Carla. In the end she finds out that Max wants her to become the mother of all of the lost boys.
             Sam (played by Corey Haim) is the younger of the two brothers. He meets the Frog brothers, Edgar (Corey Feldman) and Alan (Jamison Newlander). Through them he is introduced to the idea that vampires walk the boulevards of Santa Carla. When his brother Michael starts to become a vampire he enlists their help to fight against the Lost boys and save Michael. .
             Michael (Jason Patrick) is the older brother. While at a beach concert he spots a lovely girl by the name of Star (Jami Gertz). She leads him to the Lost boys where he meets David (Keifer Sutherland) the leader of a gang of you boys that just happen to be vampires. Michael falls for Star and endures all that David throws at him in an attempt to get even closer to Star. Early in the movie Michael drinks the blood of the David and this starts his transformation into a blood sucker, all that was left for Michael to become a full vampire was to feed a living being for the first time. .
             This movie encompassed most of the normal beliefs about vampires but also took new twists on the old themes.

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