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war on boys

             In high school, kids commonly have friends of the opposite sex. In my case, there was a particular group of boys who were connected to my group of girlfriends. Whenever there was a party or somewhere to go on a weekend, the guys would always be there. Sometimes they werenít even invited. My girlfriends and I were all very close to the guys. They were almost like brothers to us. Weíd grown up with them our whole lives, and we were so comfortable around each other that at times it felt as if they were girls too. Sometimes they even acted like girls! Since we were all so close, we would even fight like sisters and brothers. As time went on, our fighting became more frequent as the girls matured and somehow the guys became more childlike daily. Also we would recover from our fights quickly as families do, but sometimes our hidden aggression would linger and evolve in unsuspecting and creative ways. Our games were merciless, and we knew each could stand his or her own. .
             In small-town Burlington, where I grew up, there were not many options for the young adults to go out and have fun. There just wasnít anything to do. The personalities and creativity of small town kids are highly developed. Since there was nothing for us to do, we had to use our imaginations to amuse ourselves, and we needed to be amused at all times. So, when there were snowy, empty-towned, cold evenings in Burlington, we had a couple of mischievous thoughts in mind. No cow tipping for us, we fought dirty our own way.
             During our junior year winter break, there were many nights with nothing for us to do. We were bored kids looking for amusement. When Christmas was only four short days away, my girlfriends and I thought it would be a nice change from the snowy fields to throw an all girls gift exchange. All ten of us drew names from a bag and picked one girl to shop for. On the night of the exchange we showed up at my best friend Aubin as house bearing presents to give generously.

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