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Catcher in the Rye

            Nature is essential to the Human Psyche.
             Nature plays an essential and commanding force in literature and is an imperative theme throughout great novels. Mother Nature fuels and drives the interaction between humans and nature. Authors employ Nature to enhance and control their novels. Frank Herbert's Dune uses Nature as an imposing force. On the planet Arrakis, the climate is harsh and unforgiving. Such climates create conflicts between humans that would not otherwise create a conflict. For instance, on Dune, humans fight over the Spice and water. Spice and water drives the economy, which is controlled by nature. Spice brings happiness, but it also leads to war and corruption. Nature is mandatory for Herbert to control the flow of his novel. In John Steinbeck's novels" Cannery Row and The Pearl Nature controls the flow of the novels. Nature naturally creates situations, which both benefit and hinder humans. The sardines and oysters provide the men and women with jobs and money, but also cause people to become extremely greedy and hostile towards one another. In William Golding's novel, Lord of the Flies, Nature is essential to convey Golding's themes. In fact, Nature is the most important element in Lord of the Flies. In order for the Boys to regress, the Boys need to have been put in the right setting. If the Boys had landed in Canada during the winter, they would not have regressed, but more likely conformed because of the environment. They would have worked together to achieve common goals like survival, but because the island they landed on has what civilization had provided them, warm climate, plentiful, renewable food sources and running water, they eventually regress into a savage state. William Golding's 1954 didactic novel cautions and enlightens avid readers on the human psyche, the importance of nature in literature, and how nature parallels the human psyche. ( 302 words ; 19 sentences).

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