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Freedom of Speech

            Freedom of speech should definitely stay! America would have a great economic fall without the Bill of Rights. If there were no freedom of speech why would we celebrate great thinkers such as Martin Luther King Jr. who are famous for executing their freedom of speech? My friends and colleagues all agree that without freedom of speech the United States of America, as we know it, will fall apart.
             Without freedom of speech newspapers and Internet companies would go bankrupt because they couldn't write about the government, let alone criticize it without the fear of being shot or imprisoned. This would cause a great economical fall, not just from a lack of jobs, but the unwillingness to work.
             Secondly great thinkers such as Martin Luther King Jr. will be unnoticed despite their historical importance. Why do we celebrate Martin Luther King Day if he wasn't important? Martin Luther King Jr. used freedom of speech to change the way we look at African Americans today. Should freedom of speech be banned there would be no more important philosophers and no more courageous acts, such as the desire of Martin Luther King Jr. for all blacks to be equal and Rosa Parks" courageous acts for people of different races to have the same privileges. Great thinkers should not and will not become unnoticed! .
             There are a several reasons some people believe freedom of speech should be banned. One reason is we may all become richer without it. The only problem with this is even though we may all become richer we will lose all power we as citizens, have over the government. As one American puts it "Freedom of speech is our basic protection of the Americans against tyrants." Two countries that have banned freedom of speech are Russia and Cuba. Russia and Cuba became poor countries and the citizens lost all power over the government. .
             Freedom of speech is the most important amendment of the Bill of Rights. Without freedom of speech great thinkers of our future with goals similar to Martin Luther King Jr.

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