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Freedom Of Speech

             The United States Constitution was written so that it can be interpreted in many ways. However, sometimes there is a need to add or change some items in a constitution. An amendment is a change or addition to the constitution. Twenty-seven amendments have been added to the constitution, the first ten are collectively called the Bill of Rights. The first amendment has many important freedoms granted in it. One of the most important is the freedom of speech. .
             Freedom of speech gives people the right to say what it is they feel. Because people are free to express his or her opinions, much disagreement has evolved through the years. People are against freedom of speech because they feel that it causes corruption among peers. Numerous issues are involved in the first amendment: controversy, fighting, and disrespect. Although disagreement is a huge factor, freedom of speech is extremely significant in society. .
             Freedom of speech is necessary for various reasons: news, ideas, and security. If freedom of speech was not given to the United States, huge problems may have occurred. Because freedom of speech involves saying anything a person desires, news can travel across the nation easier. The news tells stories of events that are occurring in the world today. If the United States was not given the right to freedom of speech, the news would not be broadcasted and no one would know what is going on in the world. Ideas can be brought about in several ways because one can voice his or her opinion about any topic. Freedom of speech gives people the right to do this. Security is necessary in order to protect a community. Many debates occur in society and can cause harm to inhabitants; therefore, freedom of speech allows a leader to give specific instructions in order to protect the endangered. .
             The United States would be different today if freedom of speech had not been guaranteed. In all actuality, the United States would be a stricter place to live in because no one could say what he or she feels.

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