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Should it be mandatory for freshmen to stay on campus

             I completely agree with your recommendations. Freshmen students not living at home should be .
             asked to live on campus because they are young and are not mature enough to make correct decisions and they.
             get easily attracted towards the harmful elements in the society spoiloing their career.
             The maturity of decision making is very important for the success in life .If you live at your home your parents and eleders.
             help you to develop this understanding and guide you with the help of their expeience when you are in trouble.On campus living.
             also helps to make right decisions because you will be surrounded by students who are senior to you and your professors will be accessible and they will help you in making correct decisions. Some people argue that people can make wise decisions without staying at home or in dorms. They say they can staying with friends who understands will help you to make correct decision , but they are forgetting that the friend in whom they are placing their trust is also as inexperienced as they are and may not be able to help them make the correct decision.
             The second important thing which make me support the freshman not staying at home to be allowed to stay on campus is to prevent him from the exposure of drugs and alcohol the most dangerous attractions in our society. If the student stay with his parents they will control him from using drugs this may not happen if you are staying with your friend .The useage of drugs and alcohol can be controlled if the student lives on campus due to the constant monitoring by the staff and the Professors.
             The third thing which makes me support you is the exposure of students living off campus to the every day crime which is increasing day by day . If the stay on campus he can feel safe and concentrate on his studies instead of his surroundings.

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