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America's influence on Slovakia

            To what extent is Slovakia influenced by the American way of life.
             An American travelling in Europe nowadays, could easily get the impression that he or she never left home. After checking into the Holiday Inn and grabbing a quick lunch at the nearby Burger King, the traveller sets out to discover the local culture. But what most Americans see around them is not local at all. Shops sell Nikes and Levi's, adolescents are wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the Chicago Bulls logo or with the American flag, crowds line up to see the latest Hollywood movies. .
             So this is how most of the world looks like nowadays and Slovakia is not an exception. Even in our small country the Americanization appears in a very great extent. .
             Its process began many years ago. .
             The rock music in the 1970s had a huge popularity in Slovakia too. It symbolized freedom. Young people began to protest against their parents and the middle class-values. But it also symbolized a new lifestyle including typical way of dressing and hairstyle. The jeans became trendy at this time and they remained to be in ever since. There have been various trends in the jeans fashion but one thing is sure, fashions come and go but nothing can ever beat jeans as a favourite piece of clothing. We no longer differ from Americans in clothing. We wear the same casual and comfortable clothes too.
             If we walk through the streets we can see the Levi's and Denim stores everywhere. Moreover we do the shopping in supermarkets where we can buy all kinds of food. And what are these foods? The frozen meals, chips, Coca-cola, Pepsi, canned bear etc. But if we want to have a quick lunch we just drop into the McDonald's. The fast food restaurants are wide-spread in our country too. .
             Many people think of these Americanizms as very negative influences of America which are destroying our culture. It is partly true but I personally consider them rather modernizations than Americanizations.

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