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Positive Thinking

            Our brain is a complex miraculous part of our body. It controls everything that we do, from our normal five senses to our intelligence and creativity. Many times we sit back after trying to do something, and say "I give up!" In order to make the most of this brain of ours, we will first have to realize that when we are faced with a problem, we should never give up because nothing is impossible. The only time in life when something becomes impossible is when we make it impossible. Forget about all the negative thoughts that cloud your mind, and instead put fresh ideas, which say "I can", and "I will", etc . .
             As children we have such an active imagination and everything can be solved. If we happen to come across a box in the garage, we see so endless possibilities in it. A pirate ship, a car, a house and more. Unfortunately as we grow older this sense of imagination is no longer there. We are afraid that someone might laugh at our ideas and therefore we stop this imagination from becoming a part of our lives. Imagination does not stop as we mature into adults. We just don't let it work for us the way we used to when we were kids. .
             What we have to incorporate in our lives, is positive thinking Remember you are in control of your mind and body and it will only do what you want it to do When you experience a problem, don't look at it and get upset and depressed about it Make your problem work for you. Look at it from all sides and use it as a challenge You are stronger than any problem, if you decide to fight it you will win!!! If you put your mind to something and dedicate yourself and all your efforts into make it a success, you will surely achieve that success. Don't allow the world around you to influence and affect your ability to do great things in life If someone laughs, remember that you will have the last laugh. If someone criticizes you, take it as constructive criticism and use it to make you a better person.

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